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1. The leather strap can be attached to the neck of the guitar just past the nut. The strap can be placed under or on top of the strings with the open end of the pocket at the top. Ensure that the open end of the pocket is flush with the top edge of the neck. The strap can be secured using the Velcro pads on the back of the neck ensuring that it is tight and taking care not to snap any strings.

2. Remove the HandyTab from the drawstring bag and insert the "HandyTab" engraved long flat blade into the open end of the pocket. The horizontal part of the blade should rest on the leather strap over the neck.

3. Uncoil the flexible gooseneck to the desired position ready for attaching the tab or sheet music.

4. Use a 1 penny coin or similar to hold tabs or sheet music to the magnet on the HandyTab. Make sure that the coin is placed central to the top of the sheet so that the sheet music hangs vertically. Fix the sheet to the curved edge of the magnet. See diagram A or B

5. Move the flexible gooseneck to the required position; experiment and try angling the gooseneck back to support the paper along its length in addition to the magnet.

6. The HandyTab can remain mounted on the guitar after use; simply bend the magnet back to the bottom end of the flexible gooseneck where the magnet will hold it in place. Diagram C

7. If you prefer to remove the HandyTab just slip the blade out of the pocket in the leather strap and gently coil the HandyTab until it just fits into the drawstring bag. Do not over coil the Flexible Gooseneck as this can cause the Gooseneck to become noisy. The leather strap can remain on the guitar as it is very unobtrusive.

8. Periodically tighten the leather strap to minimise any movement of the HandyTab at the point where it is mounted on the guitar. It may be necessary to retune the guitar after adjustment.

HandyTab was created to provide a simple and compact method of holding single sheet tabs or chord sheet for practising where a conventional music stand is not practical. Careful positioning of the HandyTab can hide the fretting hand from the guitarist to encourage playing without looking. In addition the tab or chord sheet can be placed very close to the guitarist for those who have difficulty in reading tablature on a music stand.

The flexible positioning of the HandyTab can aid good posture; if you get up and walk around the music will go with you. HandyTab can be set up ready for use in seconds and tabs can be changed very quickly.

Magnet Safety
Last Update 17/11/13